Sally Pennington


I have been a Finance Manager, ran my own catering company but eventually decided to re-train and became a primary school teacher. I have also had experience of organizing many fundraising events, large and small, over the years. As someone who was born locally and lived almost all my life in this area, I grew up with the Priory and have always loved the building and the gardens. It is a very important building with a lot of history and I want to see it remain accessible to the people of Orpington and beyond. The house has a fascinating and long history and its preservation will be of interest to future generations.

David McBride


I am Assistant Headteacher at a primary school so I am able to advise on the education elements of the Priory plans. As a former Bromley Councillor and Mayor I have a good knowledge of how the Council operates. I am currently a Trustee at Bromley Citizens Advice and a local magistrate, so have strong community links to the Bromley and Orpington area.

Nicky Burstow Goff


I live in Orpington with my family and have work at the Abbey Centre in Westminster for almost 10 years and am now the charity’s CEO. Community spaces such as The Priory offer services which can support community cohesion with an artistic & historical edge. In time the Hub will generate enough income to maintain the historical building and keep this beautiful place open to the public; a great community space valued by all.

Nicola Blake


I live in the Orpington area and trained as an architect. I have specific training in the use of traditional materials in the restoration and maintenance of old structures gained during my time working with British Waterways. Without realising it we all [the community] benefit from our cultural heritage in our everyday lives. We should not have to travel miles to touch our cultural heritage.

Sharon Baldwin

I have worked in Town Centre Management and business development for the past twelve years. Most recently I have worked with the Association of Town Centre Managers as a special advisor to the recently developed Town Teams. Currently, I am Executive Director for Orpington 1st which is responsible for the regeneration of the town centre. This includes The Priory.

Rebecca Birs

I have lived the greater part of my life in the local area and think the Priory is a beautiful and historic part of Orpington that must be preserved. I feel I can offer considerable skills and experience as I have Worked in the charitable and not-for-profit sectors for over nine years as an employee, managing director and trustee, gaining skills, knowledge and understanding of the challenges involved in projects such as this.

Eric Johnstone

As a Director within a financial institution I had to motivate and support a sales team as well as generate new business opportunities. I am also Chairman of Dartford Symphony Orchestra, and have been for many years. I know just how important it is that community groups are given the wherewithal to support their activities. Our own local community certainly deserves to have access to The Priory for the future, just as it has in the past. There is an opportunity to provide visitors of all ages with a diverse range of options and to encourage them back again and again in the future.

Dr. Luke Beattie

My background is in the dramatic arts, and education. I have a BA in Theatre, MFA in Staging Shakespeare, and PhD in British Drama from its start to the Restoration (also certifications in Teaching English as a Second Language, Stage Combat, and Radio-Presenting). I work as an actor, theatre director, playwright, and acting teacher; I am a founding member of Hotspur Theatre Company, and am currently establishing ‘Orpington Drama’ to teach acting to adults locally.


Lee Regan

I have worked within the museums and galleries sector for over ten years developing knowledge of what is required to operate a successful arts centre.  As the Exhibitions Manager at the Architectural Association and Co-director of Install Archive, an exhibition and product design studio I have worked in many different contexts and understand what constitutes a successful cultural programme. I have lived in the area for a little over a year and appreciate the Priory’s huge potential which needs to be capitalised upon to make it a valuable community resource.